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2018 Monthly Market Commentaries

A Tumultuous Finish

After the wild ride that December turned out to be, investors were exhausted and ready to close the books on 2018. When it was all over, it was difficult to remember all the record setting statistics that we enjoyed earlier on in the year. It seems hard to believe after the worst December since 1931, […]

The Glass is Half Full?

It seems hard to believe that we are beginning the last month of the year. November did not disappoint if you were looking for some action in the markets. As earnings wound down for the quarter, traders had many other things to focus on for the month. Talk of climate change made the way again […]

A VIX-ious October

Halloween came early to Wall Street, bringing with it unsettling and sometimes scary moves. It took just a few trading days to erase the long road to new highs that were reached just a few weeks ago. Living up to its reputation as one of the most volatile months of the year, traders didn’t have […]

In Search of Value

September gave not only the financial markets, but the entire world more than one reason to stop and tune into the news to try to make reason of the world we live in today. From one of corporate America’s most vocal and public CEO, Elon Musk, being sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for […]

Anatomy of a Bull Market

Very quietly and with little fanfare, the market set several new records! In addition to the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq hitting new all-time highs, we have now entered into what is the longest bull market on record. For many, this has also been the most hated market in history. Since the turn, which goes […]

It’s All About the Data

Did someone forget to tell the markets that it’s summertime and that this is the quiet time of year? Although volatility still remains low and at some of the lowest levels in 25 years, July finished the month with stocks closing in on the highs set earlier this year. The Dow was up 4.71% for […]

A Fork in the Road

Headlines for the month of June were dominated by talk of trade wars and tariffs as markets attempted to look forward to second quarter earnings just around the corner. With mixed economic data and worries that even without an all-out trade war, investors wondered if the perceived risk could be enough to change the momentum […]

Now Hiring

With the official kickoff to the summer season now behind us, the markets will transition into what is a traditionally low volume period during the summer months. Low volume can lead to higher volatility due to the lack of liquidity in global markets, as well as domestic. This had led to an old Wall St. […]

The Road Ahead

April brought a little more stability as volatility eased, but the tug of war in the media regarding everything from politics to the weather kept investors on edge for most of the month. If you are optimistic about the future, there were certainly enough headlines to justify that position and if you are of the […]

March Madness

It is hard to believe that this month marked the anniversary of the market bottom of the financial crisis that is now a decade behind us. On March 9th of 2009, the Dow traded at a low of 6547.05 and the S&P 500 hit a low of 676.53. Both were down 53.78% and 56.78% respectively […]

A New Era

For the fans who wanted to see volatility return to the market, they got what they wanted and more this past month. February was easily one of Wall Street’s wildest months since 2008. Sparked by what would finally be good news for Main Street, the January unemployment report revealed that hourly wages are finally rising […]

Building Blocks

February Monthly Market Commentary By Deborah DeMatteo, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer Another month and another round of new record highs set by all three major indices during the month of January. Although failing to close at a new high, it was one of the best Januaries on record. For those that pay attention […]

To Be Continued…

January Monthly Market Commentary By Deborah DeMatteo, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer As the New Year’s celebrations fade, we awaken to the prospects of a new year and the memories of 2017. It was a year that brought as many reasons for tears as there were reasons to rejoice. The financial headlines were just […]

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