How do our fees work?
Our fees are simple and straightforward! We work for a set percentage of the value of the account, so we are automatically on your side. We would love to see the value of the account grow. On the last trading day of each month, your account is valued and 1/12th of the annualized fee is deducted from your account. In addition to the disclosure of our fees on your monthly statement, there is no time commitment or surrender penalty in the event you decide to move your account at some point in the future.
How can I access my records?
We will communicate with you in a variety of ways. If you choose to use the Internet, you can have access to your account directly online. In addition, you will receive a monthly statement directly from your custodian. Your personal financial advisor will also meet with you regularly to review your performance and discuss the investments in your account.
How can I be assured I can retire with the lifestyle I’m envisioning?
The first step in our process is to review your assets and expenses and develop a realistic assumption of what you can expect to have for retirement. We will regularly monitor the progress of your portfolio and the budget that was outlined during our initial meetings. This will give us the opportunity to identify if any changes are needed.
Do you assist in estate planning?
We see our role as your advisor as more than just someone who builds a portfolio to meet your financial goals. We believe it is our responsibility to address all issues relevant to protecting your wealth and minimizing your taxes. We have relationships with attorneys who specialize in different aspects of estate planning and will recommend a suitable advocate if you would like assistance. The recommendation is just the beginning of the process—we will also follow through to make sure the plan you select meets your needs and assure that your assets are registered to properly reflect the goals of your estate plan.
Do you recommend insurance plans?
Adequate insurance is the base of any good financial plan. Coordinating your employer benefits with what you need privately is part of our planning process. As an independent firm, we have the advantage of shopping for the best rates within the areas of insurance you need assistance with. This includes permanent and term insurance along with long-term care insurance options.
How does your affiliation with Charles Schwab affect me?
Charles Schwab is an independent custodian, allowing us complete autonomy in managing your account. Although Schwab does have its own portfolio of funds, it does not require us to use them in our accounts. Its size and global resources provide us access to independent research, low trading costs, SIPC insurance, and a state-of-the-art trading platform.
What does “no do over money” mean?
Working with retirees requires special expertise in understanding all of the implications of transitioning into a new phase of life. Because many retirees depend on their investments to meet their basic living expenses, a higher standard of diligence in protecting the principal they have spent a lifetime to accumulate is required. For these households, they will not have the opportunity or have the privilege of time to replace this money. In other words, they can’t do it over again if their investment plan does not pan out.
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