Every idea, every security, chosen just for you.

Our 30+ years of experience have taught us that every client is unique—and so is every retirement. That is why you need truly custom financial advice, led with a personal touch. Rather than relying on prepackaged products like mutual funds, we carefully handpick individual securities for your portfolio, allowing us to precision-tailor your exposure and diversification. Every decision we make is made with you in mind.

Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning

At 10-15 Associates, we create personalized plans to guide your decisions during your pre-retirement and retirement years. We also provide detailed personal tax preparation services and retirement income analysis as well as the context you need to understand how these elements work in concert for your plan. Our aim is to help you make more informed, more confident decisions about your future—including your savings goals, retirement plan accounts, tax- advantaged investments, distributions, and risk tolerance.

Retirement Income Planning and Analysis

This is an integral step in our work towards ensuring your future. See and understand all the detailed information you need to make a confident transition from accumulating assets to generating income. You receive estimates of your annual retirement expenses and income, a thorough portfolio analysis, and ideas for bridging the gaps to reach an optimal retirement outcome.

Tax Preparation

We help you achieve your income goals in the most tax-efficient way possible. Eligible accounts receive complimentary tax preparation services with our in-house CPA. All clients receive tax-related education as well as access to our expert for consulting on specific questions.

Ongoing Communication & Review

You will receive personalized service, regular meeting and phone calls, complimentary workshops, and a monthly investor newsletter featuring our market commentary. We focus on your assets; how you can use them, when you can use them, and how to avoid common mistakes, including IRA rules and tax rules regarding your money. We focus on keeping you informed. All consults are free and encouraged. We meet with you regularly each year to review your portfolio, discuss the current economic climate, and share our outlook for the future.

Detailed 401(K) and IRA Rollover Planning

Our pre-retirement services shine a spotlight on account details. Get professional guidance on whether to roll over your 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement assets into an IRA. You can rely on us to work with you every step of the way to smooth every transfer, help you understand your options and avoid costly mistakes.

Customized Portfolio Management

Your portfolio is designed exclusively to match your unique goals and risk tolerance using handpicked individual securities. Special attention is given to carefully balance preserving your nest egg, generating income, and finding opportunities for continued growth. Your portfolio is monitored daily to ensure it continues to meet your objectives.

We don’t use any packaged products. Clients receive a custom portfolio of all individual equities and corporate bonds. We have a dedicated investment team that exists solely to invest and monitor your holdings.

Advanced Wealth Planning

We’re not just investment consultants. Our attention covers advanced planning, including wealth enhancement, wealth protection, transfer of wealth, charitable giving, tax planning, and relationship management.

Wealth enhancement focuses on the growth of your assets; wealth transfer makes sure you have the proper beneficiaries in place, and that your assets pass efficiently. Wealth protection reviews and implements safety strategies, including portfolio diversification, establishing trusts, a thorough review of your insurance, and vetting charities.

You also enjoy access to a network of professionals including estate planning experts  and insurance specialists.  This can help guide you through how to preserve your legacy and provide for the people and causes you care about.

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