Deborah DeMatteo, CFP®

President & CEO

Debbie has always been a competitive person. Early on, she adopted the mindset that there was no point in doing something unless she was going to do it well. The financial services industry was a natural fit, because it let her see firsthand the results of her work. Whether evaluating the performance of a portfolio or seeing the impact of her efforts on a family, she always knew exactly how well she was doing. Having constant feedback continually inspires Debbie to perform at her highest possible level.

Debbie graduated magna cum laude from New York University’s Stern School of Business with dual bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics. She gained valuable experience working for a large financial planning firm in Westchester County. During this time, she became a certified financial planner (CFP®). She went on to receive her Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation from the American College of Financial Services, which teaches the most up-to-date concepts for creating sustainable retirement income for clients. Debbie also serves as a member of the Hudson Valley Estate Planning Council.

While working for a large firm, she realized she would prefer an environment where she could build closer relationships with her clients. That desire motivated her to launch 10-15 Associates with her husband Mike DeMatteo in 1986. The firm’s name is derived from the date of its founding.

As the firm’s chief investment officer, Debbie is responsible for researching the best possible investments and managing clients’ portfolios. The most satisfying part of her job is helping to give peace of mind to the families behind the numbers. She enjoys becoming a part of her clients’ lives and sharing in their personal experiences. She also takes pride in knowing that at the end of their long careers, her clients can retire with confidence. Debbie will never forget the first time a client broke down, telling her how her efforts had made their lives so much better. She doesn’t believe there is a better job in the world.

Debbie’s professional mission is to create a firm that embodies the principles that the firm was founded on; independence, quality investment management, and always puttig the client’s priorities first. She receives her inspiration from Mike, her husband and partner. From his courage in starting the business, to his confidence in Debbie taking the lead role in managing the portfolio, to encouraging her to utilize her speaking skills, Mike’s support has been the driving force behind Debbie’s accomplishments.

Public speaking is something Debbie is passionate about because she loves to educate. She finds no greater reward than when someone approaches her after a financial seminar and tells her it was the first time they truly understood everything. Year after year, she draws fulfillment from helping people make sense of financial topics in a way that can positively affect their lives.

In addition to public speaking, Debbie enjoys cooking, working out, and traveling. Most of all, she likes spending as much time as she can with her husband and three children. Debbie is also an avid supporter of several Goshen, NY-area charities.

“Care more than others think is wise; expect more than others think is possible!”
Claude Thomas Bissell
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