Evan Wongkittiroch

Portfolio Operation Specialist

An integral part of our trading team is our Portfolio Operations Specialist, Evan Wongkittiroch. Evan is directly involved with all activities associated with our portfolios’ database management and maintenance. From account inception and forward, he is responsible for all operations involving portfolios as well as the ongoing technological advances and initiatives within the company.

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Evan has spent most of his life enjoying everything this area has to offer. Sticking to his roots, Evan is also an alumnus of SUNY Albany with a focus in Economics and Business. Outside of work, he is an avid Volkswagen enthusiast and eSports competitor; often found turnings wrenches, pressing keyboards, and clicking mice, while keeping busy. Additionally, in his free time you can also find Evan hiking with his white German Shepherd, Ghost, cruising on spirited drives through the mountains of the local state park or socializing with others, while having to explain how to pronounce his last name correctly. As a “go-to” person for all his colleagues and 10-15’s clients, Evan is always willing to put in the work and lend a helping hand. Having been at 10-15 Associates for several years, Evan has remained an essential asset to the firm.

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