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The Great Reversal

It has been seven weeks and counting since Governor Cuomo announced the closure of New York, except for essential workers. The news was announced late on a Friday afternoon and was to be effective that Sunday evening. Consumers quickly took to the roads to stock up on the essentials for their families.

“Effort and Courage are not enough without Purpose and Direction” -John F. Kennedy

For many of us the last month feels like being stuck on the set of a movie and not being able to find the exit. What just weeks ago seemed unimaginable, we are now living; our personal freedom stripped, a daily fear for our personal and family’s health, uncertainty of what the future holds, and economic turmoil unlike any we have ever witnessed.

A Look Back in Time

It’s too bad that February will not be remembered for the fact that all three major indices reached new record highs, nor will it be remembered for the better than expected jobs report announced early in the month. Unfortunately, it will likely be remembered for the recognition of the impact of the corona virus and the resulting correction on Wall Street.

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