How Will theNew Fiduciary Rule Affect Me?

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Ready for Anything – Forecast 2020

10-15 Associates hosted their semi-annual client appreciation event on January 16, 2020, before a full house at the Falkirk Estate and Country Club in Central Valley, NY. As is custom, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Deborah DeMatteo broke her presentation into three segments: where we’ve been, where we are, and where we might be going. […]

Uncertainty Returns

It was clear from the very first trading week of the year that investors were going to have a lot to deal with. Little did we know that the early headlines of the Iranian airstrike on the US Air Base near Baghdad was just the beginning of several major headlines that would ultimately lead to a decline in markets to begin 2020. Although markets were quick to shake off the highly combustible Middle East Situation, it was not prepared for the threat of a deadly coronavirus in China.

What A Year It Was

The opening of 2019 was clouded with significant uncertainty. Fears of an economic slowdown triggered by trade and monetary policy had led to a decline in the markets for 2018 and a near bear market during the December 2018 lows.

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